I hope people watched this week's edition of The Fifth Estate. They would get some idea of the struggles facing our foreign students. It ain't easy for them. Tuition is high and not all of their parents have money like people like to say. Many are like our kid's parents and have to borrow to send their kids here. Then they arrive with classes filled and no place to live. Some parts of the country recognize this kind of recruitment as a scam. Canada is one of the top countries in the world doing this. Is that what CBU is running? I'm sure there are lots of opinions out there.

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Raymond Mac Donald My Post Follow Me
Kinda {just a little} surprised that no one has a comment about this issue.There is no where you can go where you don't hear someone with an opinion about it but yet here's an opportunity to sound off and crickets.There's nothing wrong with expressing your thoughts one way or the other.It may have an impact.
We understand now why you are so negative with your comments about other people and groups, postings. It is because no one comments on your postings (except yourself). We understand now that it is you, who likes to sound off. Here is the definition of a "Troll" : Trolling is when someone post or comments online to deliberately upset others. In short: Trolling is when someone deliberately tries to upset others online. Trolling can lead to a pile on, when others join in the attack. Raymond, why don't you do a podcast with us about your negative thoughts about the NSEF? If you are a real person with the name Raymond MacDonald, then you will take the opportunity to discuss your opinion and if you chose to not to partake, then you are a troll. It is just that simple. We will await your response and we look forward to the chance to debate our efforts with you.....if you are real.
Raymond Mac Donald My Post Follow Me
My Postings??? I've only written 1 small POST 2 months ago: CBU FOREIGN STUDENTS.
Raymond Mac Donald My Post Follow Me
Your comments are the nasty Raymond.
Raymond Mac Donald My Post Follow Me
I was simply picking up for the foreign students,long before the tragic fire and death which is at least now getting a response from CBU officials.Little too late though.Someone just got sent home in a coffin.

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