Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising Service

goCapeBreton.com is offering an Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising Service in Sydney, NS.

"Our billboard is 2-sided and is in one of the highest-traffic locations on Cape Breton Island," said Richard Lorway, President of goCapeBreton.com"Over 20,000 cars pass by that sign each and every day of the week on average."


The site has two digital billboards back-to-back. One sign faces down Prince Street, while the other faces up Welton Street. 

For more information about advertising opportunities, please contact:

Richard Lorway


[email protected] 

 goCapeBreton.com helps you live, work, and play on Cape Breton Island. We connect friends and families, people to jobs, volunteers to good causes, students to education, businesses to customers, sports fans to local results, and citizens to each other and the world. 


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To inquire about ad space, contact Richard Lorway 902.578.2622 or [email protected]
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