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Do you struggle with food and/or your weight? Have you been dieting for years? Do you often find yourself wondering "ugh, why'd I do that?" after noticing you're at the empty end of a bag of potato chips or box of chocolate when you're supposed to be "being good"? Do you feel guilty after eating? Or terrible about yourself when you look in the mirror? Do you often hear that nasty voice in your head, telling you that you're all kinds of terrible things because you can't lose weight or control yourself around food? Do you wish you could just "eat like a normal person" and weren't always thinking (or worrying) about food or your weight? THIS is for YOU. Join us at The Hub Downtown on April 27th at 1pm where we'll be diving into all things weight, food and body image. Tickets available here: https://www.ronidavis.com/events/weight-food-and-your-power-sydney You'll learn why the struggle isn't your fault, why you're not alone, and exactly what to do about all of it and leave with actionable steps you can begin to implement right away to find freedom from food, weight, and body image issues. ----------- Hear what people are saying: "I have been on the diet roller coaster most of my life. I have tried every diet on the market saying I was going to lose weight by the next big event in my life. I would lose half of what I wanted then gain all or more back. In January of this year I went to one of Roni seminars and it started me on a whole new journey. I finally stopped dieting!! No more starving then eating everything. I now eat like a normal person and exercise every day. I feel amazing. I dropped a dress size as I hardly ever get on a scale any more. I judge my success by how I feel. Thank you Roni, your strength, pride in what you do and knowledge led me here." A. Faulkner "Awesome speaker with so much knowledge! I so enjoyed the workshop on Saturday afternoon, it really inspired me." Diane D. "It was such an incredible afternoon.. I loved Roni and her wisdom.. this is just the beginning!" Phyllis M. "I really enjoyed our time with you Roni, so much truth!! Thank you 😊" Danna F. "Just a follow up to let you know what just one lecture did for me. I had not been exercising for about two years due to health and felt miserable. Each day I was going to but never did. This week I vowed to be consistent with walking even for five minutes. This usually ended up being 1/2 hr to 45 mins because it made me feel so good. Thank you so much for doing what you do." Trudy J. Pre-Register: $15 (get tickets here: https://www.ronidavis.com/events/weight-food-and-your-power-sydney) At the door: $25

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