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Thank you goCB for this new category. I saw Joanie Cunningham's posts and was very grateful to find local and original content on gardening. The internet is full of gardening tips, but local information is more difficult to find. I will post here as the season unfolds. In the meantime I thought I would share two FB pages that also have local and original content.

The first is Cape Breton Gardener. It is 100% original content. No pinterest posts here. You can find it via this link:

Cape Breton Gardener on Facebook.

The second is a permaculture site, and if you don't know permaculture yet, you will be glad I told you about it. There is the occasional post here of a link from the broader web, but there is also a high percentage of local original content. You can find it via this link:

Cape Breton Permaculture Community.

Please don't take me wrong, Pinterest can be inspiring, but locally tested information is so much more valuable!

Hopefully this new goCB designated space will also become a "go"to place for local back yard gardeners.

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Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
Thanks for sharing. I have just added the CB Gardner Facebook page so that its FB timeline posts will now appear on our Facebook streams here on goCB. I can't add Permaculture because it is a Facebook GROUP and we cannot add Groups, currently.
Joanie Cunningham Follow Me
Madeline ... it that straw I see on your beds???
madeline yakimchuk My Post Follow Me
Yes. I cover it in the fall, and add to it as the Spring turns to summer. I have had good luck with it. Why? what is your experience with straw?
madeline yakimchuk My Post Follow Me
I just read the article you posted about straw bale gardening. I don't actually do that, although I do use straw as mulch and protection in winter. I have seen bale gardening and it seems a little weird to me. It is like those pinterest posts about "regrowing" celery in a glass on the windowsill. It might grow, but it won't have many nutrients because it is just growing from water and air! I understand it might be good for you though, to help build soil. It would be worth it to check with the co-op on Keltic Drive to see if they know about the straw they provide. They are very responsible, and sell it a lot as feed for horses, so them might know. I'll certainly check when I go there next.
madeline yakimchuk My Post Follow Me
Also, it is a texas based article. We are just as bad here in canada with many things, but it is worth a check to see how we deal with chemicals on straw here.

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