2,000 more poll workers needed in N.S. as returning offices open

New COVID-19 protocols create demand for additional workers

CBC NewsNicola Seguin

The hand sanitizer, masks and disinfecting wipes are in place at returning offices across the province, but the question is, who will do the work created by these new COVID-19 protocols? 

Elections Nova Scotia said it needs 2,000 more poll workers than usual for this provincial election to meet Public Health requirements.

"With this event, we're looking for more people," said Eric Cottreau, returning officer for the Hammonds Plains-Lucasville electoral district.

"Because of COVID, we're going t…


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2,000 more poll workers needed in N.S. as returning offices open

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CBC NewsNicola Seguin, Posted: Jul 21, 2021 6:10 PM AT | Last Updated: July 21
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