Cape Breton-Canso PPC candidate says he wants to bring abortion debate to Parliament

A local candidate for the newly-formed People’s Party of Canada says he wants to bring the abortion conversation to the House of Commons.

Billy Joyce is the PPC candidate in the riding of Cape Breton-Canso.

Joyce tells The Hawk residents of the region want to have a conversation about abortion.

“(Party leader) Maxime Bernier has been on the record already stating that he would allow members within the People Party of Canada to present private members’ bills, even though it’s not part of the official PPC party platform,” he says, “One of those examples is the question of abortion laws.”

Joyce says he chose the PPC because he’s confident Bernier will allow him to draft bills, argue, and vote with his conscience.

He says that will allow him to act in the best interests of his constituents, including the abortion issue.

“That was actually one of the deciding factors for me in running in Cape Breton-Canso,” he says. “I know that Cape Breton-Canso, traditionally, is a region that’s been pro-life.”

Joyce says a coalition of more than 60 PPC candidates are drafting a private members’ bill to bring to Parliament.

He says the bill, which targets third trimester abortions, would have exceptions for rape victims and life-threatening medical issues.

SOURCE www.1015thehawk.com

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101.5 TheHawk - October 01, 2019 08:49 am
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