Cape Breton garage targeted by tire scam

Shop in Chéticamp, N.S., shipped tires worth $5,520 before payment fell through

CBC NewsErin Pottie

A  Chéticamp, N.S., garage is among a number of Canadian tire sellers that have been scammed out of thousands of dollars.

RCMP say thieves have targeted businesses in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Alberta and Manitoba with more than $20,000 in total losses reported.

Sherry Bourgeois works at Larade's Tire Shop in Inverness County that was recently targeted by the scheme. 

The garage lost more than $5,000 after shipping tires to an address in Montreal only to find the thieves cancelled payment…


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Cape Breton garage targeted by tire scam


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CBC NewsErin Pottie, Posted: Nov 24, 2022 6:00 AM AT | Last Updated: 14 minutes ago
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