Cape Breton man charged for selling drugs while on parole, police say

Photo courtesy Cape Breton Regional Police

Police say a Cape Breton man is facing drug charges for selling while on parole.

Cape Breton Regional Police searched three properties on Thursday as part of an ongoing drug trafficking investigation.

Search warrants were issued at properties on Hillside Road in Marion Bridge and Crooked Lake Road in Framboise.

Four pounds of Marijuana, 2 grams of Cocaine, and a loaded firearm were seized.

The 46-year-old was charged with possessing and selling drugs.

“Daniel Peter Whelan of Marion Bridge was remanded to the Cape Breton Correctional Centre and charged with: Possession of Illicit Cannabis and Possession of Cannabis for the Purpose of Selling – under the Cannabis Act – as well as Possession of Cocaine,” a news release says.

Police say Whelan also had his parole revoked.

A 67-year-old man was arrested in Framboise and released on a Promise to Appear in Sydney Provincial Court in July.

He was charged with Careless Use (Unsafe Storage) of a Firearm.


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101.5 TheHawk - Cape Breton man charged for selling drugs while on parole, police say Port Hawkesbury, NS, Canada / 101.5 The Hawk Skye Bryden-Blom May 13, 2022
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