Cape Breton middle school student speaks out after violent attack caught on camera

Raven MacLean and her mother, Caitlin Howell, are pictured. (Ryan MacDonald/CTV Atlantic) [Photo credit: CTV News Atlantic Reporter]

Cape Breton middle school student speaks out after violent attack caught on camera

A Cape Breton middle school student is speaking out after a violent incident outside her school that was caught on camera.


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Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
My heart goes out to this family.I've had some recent personal experience with senior Cape Breton/Victoria School officials concerning after hours activities happening on school property,even providing details so they could look to a remedy.They {at least the ones I spoke to} are nothing but a bunch of lying cowards.
Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
To KB below.Right on.Mom is doing what Mom's do best,trying to protect her child.The School Officials are doing what they do best:collecting a fat paycheque for doing nothing.
Lynn Hussey Follow Me
I would like a statement from Malcolm Munroe Jr. High School as to HOW they are going to deal with this dangerous situation! Do they think that by keeping quiet it'll 'go away'? Childrens lives are at stake here and they want to hear from the school reps on this! I have grandnephews/grandnieces who will be attending this school in the near future and I want to KNOW they will be protected and SAFE when they go there. This child is totally innocent yet, the perpetrator of the violent hate attack is being sheltered. Too much of this goes on in schools where children are under the care of adults and expected to be safe! Get a backbone school officials and put an end to the reign of terror on any child who others decide is different from them. It's YOUR responsibility!
Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
My quote above "lying cowards" would seem harsh by some people's standards.However I stand by that not only because of what I experienced personally in my dealings with them but the many situations that have been in the media over the year's involving the CBV SCHOOL BOARD.Right now I can guarantee you that many of them are hiding from the public and media.I don't even know why we have a school board.I would also think that the cops should be involved.At one point in time,maybe even now,the police chief's sister was the principal there.

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