Cape Breton woman's body ID'd after autopsy in Ont.

Source: Trina's Army Facebook page,

The body of a Cape Breton woman missing since January has been identified.

37-year-old Katrina Blagdon’s body was found in the water near the St. Catharines on May 4.

Police say they don’t suspect foul play.

Family members and a volunteer group called ‘Trina’s Army’ had undertaken numerous searches over four months.

Blagdon was a retired military veteran.

No other information will be released out of respect for the family


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101.5 TheHawk - Cape Breton woman’s body ID’d after autopsy in Ont. Port Hawkesbury, NS, Canada / 101.5 The Hawk Steve MacArthur May 11, 2022 | 7:47 AM
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