CBRM groups seek help recruiting, retaining health-care workers

Cape Breton Partnership, chamber looking for volunteers to join committee to find and keep doctors and nurses

CBC NewsTom Ayers

The Cape Breton Partnership and Cape Breton Regional Chamber of Commerce are creating a committee to recruit and retain doctors and nurses in the area.

Chamber CEO Kathleen Yurchesyn said the business organizations need people from across the regional municipality to participate. Organizers are also hoping to find a youth member.

"Youth is a big part of the conversation," she said. "We're looking to retain youth within our community and mitigate out-migration and make sure we have a community t…


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CBRM groups seek help recruiting, retaining health-care workers

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CBC NewsTom Ayers, Posted: Apr 07, 2021 3:12 PM AT | Last Updated: April 7
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