CBRM looks into old courthouse as site for library [PODCAST]

Information Morning Cape Breton:

Libraries are a good place to study. Now, CBRM Council has asked staff to study a library. Staff have been tasked with seeing how much it would cost to renovate the old courthouse. We'll hear from 2 councilors who have reservations.

Host: Steve Sutherland

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Aired: Feb. 1, 2023. Host: Steve Sutherland
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Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
The last few years I paid pretty close attention to Council,watching meetings,following the media,etc.I'm really starting to wonder what they do,not just this group but previous administrations also.Concerns:20 years discussing the Container Pier which will never happen,15 years kicking around the library issue,plans 2 years ago to develop the Cruise area were a flop,they couldn't even get rid of those ugly neon signs sprouting up everywhere.Now they do amend and initiate bylaws,move boundaries and approve this special day or rememberance which keeps us moving but at a snail's pace but these things don't really impact many of our lives.Oh yeah,they approve the budget every year but resident's should realize that none of them have the qualifications to do so.I just noted some glaring examples of incompetence but there is a lot more to say.Hopefully people will think about the goings on next time these folks are looking for a vote.

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