COVID-19 Timeline

I have learned that, time-consuming and deeply annoying as verifying the information can sometimes be, making a timeline is an excellent way to understand an event or series of events.

In the case of the current coronavirus pandemic, though, events have been unspooling so quickly I needed a timeline just to keep up with them, so I’ve created this highly subjective — much of it is focused on Nova Scotia and draws on information provided by the province — and admittedly incomplete timeline of the crisis which I will maintain until it is no longer needed.

(A note on the data: I used the World Health Organization’s global numbers, the government of Canada’s numbers for the entire country and Nova Scotia’s numbers for this province. I discovered discrepancies between them at times, simply based upon the time of day statistics were updated. I also used the “Wayback” machine to consult the federal and provincial testing data pages. The record for the federal page was complete, I was able to verify each day in this timeline, but the provincial page wasn’t cached as regularly, so I have used the numbers I was able to retrieve.)


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Cape Breton Spectator: COVID-19 Timeline - by Mary Campbell
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