Election 2020: Mayoral Candidates

Tuesday, September 8, was a rather momentous day — not just the first day back to school after an extended absence for Nova Scotian students but Nomination Day in municipalities across the province! Did you feel the electricity?

Qualified candidates had until 5:00 PM yesterday to file their nomination papers and pay their $200 deposits. Qualified candidates, in case you’re wondering, are Canadian citizens who have lived in the municipality for at least six months prior to Nomination Day “and continue to so reside,” have property tax accounts in good standing, are not otherwise disqualified by the Municipal Elections Act, and are “at least” 18 years of age at the time of nomination, meaning you can hold municipal office in this province before you can legally drink which is probably not a bad sequence of events, really.

I consulted the “Candidate’s Guide” to municipal elections to refresh my memory on the nomination process and the authors really assume no previous knowledge. Step 1:

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Cape Breton Spectator: Election 2020: Mayoral Candidates - by Mary Campbell
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