Forward, CBRM!

I lost track of how many times participants in Tuesday’s “CBRM Forward” discussion used the words “excited” or “exciting.” Literally everyone who spoke was either excited to be there or excited at the prospect of overhauling the municipality’s planning strategy and land-use by-law or excited to be drafting an economic development strategy or just found the whole darn thing “exciting” and had to say so.

CBRM Forward” is the name consultants have given to a two-year project to (in the words of the tender documents):

…complete a new Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS), Economic Development Strategy, Land Use By-law (LUB), and other related enabling by-laws including the Subdivision By-law.

CBRM Zoom special council 2021.03.30

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Cape Breton Spectator: Forward, CBRM! - by Mary Campbell
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