Goodbye to a Good Mayor

I don’t know when I realized that former Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi was a very different kind of politician — not only the first Muslim mayor of a major North American city, but one with some very progressive views.

In an interesting and also entertaining interview with the host of CBC’s The Current, Matt Galloway, Nenshi came across pretty much as I would have thought him to be – intelligent, funny, sincere, compassionate and politically astute with a wonderful dose of concern for his fellow citizens and the hope that all can live in a pluralistic society devoid of racism and division.

According to his Canadian Encyclopedia entry, Nenshi was born in Toronto in 1971, one year after his parents had moved to Canada from Tanzania in East Africa, and grew up in a house where they “read the newspaper every day” and “talked about politics over the dinner table.”

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Cape Breton Spectator: Goodbye to a Good Mayor - by Dolores Campbell
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