Heading back to nature this summer? Tread lightly, say outdoor experts

The most accessible and 'unsexy' natural areas are the most vulnerable, say eco-tourism promoters

CBC NewsJennifer Sweet

Conservation groups have been doing a lot of work lately to give people virtual access to important ecological areas in the Maritimes, but if that's given you the itch to go in person this summer, there are special precautions to take, according to two people who make a living promoting outdoor adventures.

"These are not the places we want to start going bushwhacking," said Jan-Sebastian LaPierre, of Dartmouth-based marketing company A For Adventure.

You probably should not go with a big group, s…


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Heading back to nature this summer? Tread lightly, say outdoor experts

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CBC NewsJennifer Sweet, Posted: Jun 26, 2022 10:00 AM AT | Last Updated: June 26
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