Liberal candidate faces police review board hearing for role in Joneil Hanna case

A police officer who’s a Liberal candidate in a Cape Breton byelection is facing professional misconduct accusations in a case that will go before the Nova Scotia Police Review Board.

Paul Ratchford, a constable with the Cape Breton Regional Police, is running for the Northside-Westmount seat that will be decided on Tuesday.

Halifax-based lawyer Laura McCarthy is handling the case where she said…

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Parker Donham Follow Me
This drive-by, election-eve smear features a thoroughly misleading account of the facts. Not until the 15th paragraph so we learn that, "So far Ratchford and the other officers have been cleared of any wrongdoing." This story is part of an ongoing vendetta by one of the worst reporters I have ever encountered. Ratchford may or may not be your choice for MLA, but he is a police officer with a solid reputation who did absolutely nothing wrong in this case.
Mike Johnson Follow Me
Agreed! Paul Ratchford also started the Clifford St Youth Center 10+ years ago in North Sydney when he was the Community Services Officer on the Northside. Since then he has worked tirelessly on his own time and nickel to develop and maintain it while mentoring 100s of children and teens in North Sydney to their benefit and that of the Community. His leadership and efforts have allowed many to evolve as solid citizens who would not otherwise have had the chance. I have no idea what his actual involvement was in this case, but I am quite certain that he would not intentionally allow or cause any harm, and he is innocent until proven otherwise. Plus his reputation and contributions to the Northside Community should earn him the benefit of the doubt and our gratitude for his work on our behalf.

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