Liberal leader promises highway twinning

The Liberals are looking to highway twinning to win votes in rural areas on the fifth day of the provincial campaign trail.

At a stop in Antigonish Wednesday morning, Leader Iain Rankin committed to twin Hwy. 104 all the way from Antigonish to Port Hawkesbury.

Rankin said twinned highways save lives.

“It’s about connecting communities in our province,” he said. “It’s about safety for Nova Scotia drivers, tourists and other motorists.”

He made a similar commitment to twin the most dangerous sections of Hwy. 103 between Hubbards and Bridgewater.

Rankin said twinning will also improve interprovincial trade heading to Cape Breton and on to Newfoundland and Labrador.

“It’s a key piece of infrastructure,” he said. “We need safe and well-maintained highways so that our trade can grow.”

Tories are talking about healthcare. Tim Houston announced a plan to add beds and put more staff in the province’s nursing homes Wednesday.

The plan would build 2,500 new, single rooms, increase hours of care to 4.1 per resident, and hire 2,000 new staff.

Meanwhile, Gary Burrill’s NDP have released plans to reverse Liberal era corporate tax cuts worth $70 million a year.

The NDP proposal would increase the corporate tax rate back to 16 per cent, up from 14 per cent.


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