Mayor calls on province to act as CBRM faces doubtful future

Cecil Clarke has asked for a meeting with Nova Scotia's municipal affairs minister over viability study

CBC NewsTom Ayers

Cape Breton Regional Municipality's mayor is calling for a meeting with Nova Scotia's municipal affairs minister after an independent study said the Sydney-based municipality is facing a doubtful future.

The so-called viability study was done by the accounting firm Grant Thornton and cost the province about $240,000.

It says a declining population, shrinking revenues and i…


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Mayor calls on province to act as CBRM faces doubtful future

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By CBC NewsTom Ayers, CBC
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Joe Ward Follow Me
If Mayor John Morgan isn't weeping with disgust, he might have a spontaneous bout of laughter reading Cecil Clarke's comments in this article. This is the mayor who wrapped up a leadership campaign less than a year ago, where he essentially called Tim Houston fiscally irresponsible for pledging another $15 Million for the CBRM. Let's contemplate. We're a municipality heading towards a "shut down", but the province sending us $15 Million to help is irresponsible? That's "rich" as they say. $15 Million is only a fraction of what Equalization Fairness advocates have calculated. And if the full ask was received, the CBRM would be thriving with a growth trajectory that could challenge Halifax. Instead, Cecil Clarke has played a role in choking us out for a very long time. Voters have an opportunity to elect Russ Green in Sydney River/Mira/Louisbourg, and have the leading voice for getting more resources for the CBRM go to the province and lock down what we vitally need. Green is the most persistent and strongest negotiator for an increased Equalization transfer.

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