New owner takes over Port Hawkesbury apartments

PORT HAWKESBURY: A business owner in the town is the new owner of Breton Apartments.

A1 Pizza owner George Youssef, of George Youssef Investment, was the successful bidder for the 48-unit apartment complex in Port Hawkesbury which was listed last year for $1.9 million by Cape Breton Realty.

“I had to go a bit over $2 million to pay for it because I was bidding,” he said. “I actually won with the help of the good people at RBC in Antigonish. We were able to move quickly with financing. I also give credit to my realtor.”

Youseff said they will retain the Breton Apartments name for the four buildin…

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New owner takes over Port Hawkesbury apartments


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By Jake Boudrot of The Reporter, March 15, 2023
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