Port of Sydney Update: Capital, Cruise & COVID

The new board chair of the Port of Sydney Development Corporation (PSDC), James Kerr, presented to CBRM council during its regular November meeting last week, a topic I touched on briefly in last week’s Fast & Curious, because Kerr announced the board had decided to make its minutes public and I couldn’t wait to get a look at them.

In fact, Kerr told council the board had voted “unanimously” to make its minutes public, so we’ve got that going for us.

Kerr also told council that “Cruise is back” in 2022. In particular, he noted that the coming season will bring with it the much-awaited day on which two — count ’em — cruise ships will dock simultaneously in Sydney harbor, thanks to the new second berth. Kerr says celebrations are planned, and while I can understand the urge to celebrate your $20 million investment finally being put to the purpose for which it was constructed, I fear celebrating the ability of two vessels to dock at the same time will make us look, frankly, ridiculous. But perhaps I’m being overly sensitive.

Kerr also warned council the board was still looking for a few “tweaks” to the corporation’s Articles of Association (I wrote much too much about those “tweaks” back in 2020) before segueing into the main subject of the presentation: plans to turn the cruise pavilion and DesBarres’ Cove (which we’re now to call “Fishermen’s Cove”) into a retail destination.

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Cape Breton Spectator: Port of Sydney Update: Capital, Cruise & COVID - by Mary Campbell
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