Rural delivery proves resiliency of Cape Breton seniors

'One thing I've learned ... is that seniors in remote, rural Nova Scotia know how to keep a pantry stocked'

CBC NewsErin Pottie

Cape Breton's rural communities are finding ways to help seniors get their everyday essentials.

At the start of the pandemic, Victoria County launched a delivery service for older residents who feared potential COVID-19 exposure.

"It was a rather slow uptake at the beginning," said Cassandra Yonder, the municipality's senior safety officer.

"A lot of the need is really being met by friends and neighbours and community members. And so, putting this program in place was kind of a way of actually …


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Rural delivery proves resiliency of Cape Breton seniors


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CBC NewsErin Pottie, Posted: May 04, 2021 6:00 AM AT | Last Updated: May 4
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