Scotiabank to close 3 rural Nova Scotia branches

Branches in Westville, Sheet Harbour and Sydney Mines will close by August

CBC NewsNicola Seguin

Scotiabank is set to close three branches in rural Nova Scotia, leaving some clients with more than an hour-long drive if they prefer to do their banking in person. 

The Scotiabank branches in Westville and Sydney Mines will close in early June, and the branch in Sheet Harbour will close on Aug. 11. A spokesperson for Scotiabank said the closures are a result of a "fulsome business review," and the branches will be consolidated with others. 

Some residents see the closures as part of a concerni…


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Scotiabank to close 3 rural Nova Scotia branches


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CBC NewsNicola Seguin, Posted: Jan 14, 2022 2:52 PM AT | Last Updated: 20 minutes ago
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