[VIDEO] 4th Degree Tear Emotional & Physical Recovery After Childbirth

New video from Cape Breton YouTube vlogger, Curly Susie:

This video was extremely difficult to make and some of you may be put off by this topic. The reality is that this is a common injury that women have to recover from following childbirth. If you are going through this you are not alone. Make sure you reach out to a family member, friend or your healthcare provider if you are not coping or if you feel as though something is wrong.

About Curly Susie

Cape Breton operating room nurse and mom, Susie Hardy, created the Curly Susie YouTube channel to share tips and techniques for managing naturally curly hair, with insights into her "methods for having a fit & healthy lifestyle while balancing shiftwork & family." Her channel has received millions of views.

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Lynn Hussey Follow Me
Wonderful for you to do this video for new mom's..I know someone who had this difficulty or similar problems following child birth. Thank you.

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