[VIDEO] Ep 37 Touring Wave Rover, Answering Questions, Explaining Future Videos, Contessa 26

Fellow Contessa 26 owner, Tyler Noiles drops by Wave Rover and asks a few questions as I put him to work holding the camera (awesome job Tyler). I also explain how the videos that you see are often weeks behind, and how the upcoming videos, which I think are really interesting, will be released in sequence. I wish you all fairwinds and stay tuned to Sailing Wave Rover.

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Summerside, PEI's Alan Mulholland is sailing across the North Atlantic on a solo mission aboard Wave Roamer, a 25 1/2 foot sailboat he rebuilt himself. He has a goal of sailing around the world that will take years to complete. He'll be sharing updates about his trip on his YouTube channel. Mulholland launched Wave Roamer from Port Hawkesbury on July 31st, 2019.

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