Sports Scholarship Videos for Up-and-Coming Athletes [VIDEO]

World-class athletes aren't made in a factory. They have to come from somewhere...

And we believe that Cape Breton has a lot of athletic talent just waiting to be discovered!

Fyroch creates professional scouting and scholarship videos for the sports stars of tomorrow. Whether the goal is a university scholarship, to move to a higher league or to play for an international team, we can help!

We focus not only on the physical skills, but also intangibles such as academic performance, personality and coachability. We also compile footage from actual games rather than practices. This way, coaches see the whole picture: skills, heads-up plays, decision making, demeanour, and off-field traits.

Check out for more information. Also check out the video below, which helped Matt get into the University of Guelph where he is throwing strikes for the Guelph Gryphons!


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