Steven James MacNeil for District 9!


The precursor to my (Steven James MacNeil) official announcement for District 9 Councillor, continues! I completed the second phase of the performance piece. This phase was titled “Raising the Pillars”. I raised twelve 10 foot pillars encased in concrete to symbolize the pillars of good governance.

The 12 Pillar’s

1. Embrace a progressive administrative culture
A great community culture makes for a community that can achieve success together. Set a positive example for the community by taking civic pride: pick up garbage in parks, fill potholes, build small community projects. Leaders can have a great impact by taking the initiative to go first.

2. Accountability
All decision-makers, stakeholders, CBRM staff, elected officials and individuals must take responsibility for their decisions. Our decisions are reported on, explained in detail and can be backed up under scrutiny. Audits are carried out at regular intervals and made public.

3. Modernization and Openness to Change
This can be accomplished by solving community problems with new and efficient solutions by using new technology, trialling new programs and learning from other communities that have successful programs.

4. Ethical Conduct
Place the public good before any individual interests. Set up a new commission to prevent and combat all forms of corruption. All conflicts of interest are pre-declared and the persons involved abstain from relevant decisions.

5. Honesty and Transparency
There must be convenient public access to all government information, unless there is a well-specified and documented reasons in accordance with the law. There will be no more “In camera” meetings – which are private meetings that the previous council continued to use.

6. Human rights
Within the CBRM and all local authorities all human rights are respected, protected and implemented, and discrimination on any grounds is combated.

7. Comprehensive Financial Management
We do not allow the cost to provide our municipal services to exceed our municipal revenue. The CBRM takes part in arrangements for solidarity in our fight for equalization. The CBRM shows prudence in our financial management when contracting and using loans, in the estimation of resources, in paying consulting firms and in planning our budgets.

8. Sustainability and Long-term Planning
Future generations are taken into account when setting current policies. The sustainability of the environment is taken into account. Understanding the historical, cultural and social complexities of our different communities is important when implementing our long term plans.

9. Rule of Law
Laws, rules and regulations are implemented in accordance with the principle that the law is to justly serve the public interest and our laws are enforced impartially. The CBRM and our local authorities must abide by the law and judicial decisions.

10. Responsiveness
Public services are delivered, and requests/complaints are responded to within a sensible timeframe. Communication between the public and government is key in accurately responding to community needs.

11. Viability and sustainability
The CBRM helps businesses to build on a foundation that provides relevant services and products for our current market, understanding who the key stakeholders are, how they interact and what business opportunities exist to connect them suitably.

12. Efficiency and Effectiveness
Implement a public performance management system that evaluates and reports the progress of government projects to the community. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services through practical feedback from the public.

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As a precursor to my official announcement for District 9 Councillor, I raised twelve 10 foot pillars encased in concrete to symbolize the pillars of good Gov't
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Joe Ward Follow Me
It's great to see fellow candidates sharing more about themselves and their values. Props to you, Steven. You were one of the earliest to start campaign outreach via social media—not to mention showcasing one of the most visual uses of campaign philosophy metaphors we may ever see. :)
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
Steven, this is quite a unique approach. Suggestion for you that I think will get your message a lot of reach — use your phone to film 1-2 minute videos of you at that location explaining each of the 12 pillars — one video per pillar. Put them all on your campaign website. Then share each video separately here on goCB and other social media, one every two days. I guarantee you this will earn you more visibility and goodwill than any lawn signs will ever do.

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