17-year-old interviews MP candidate in Cape Breton....

Jessica Macdonald contacted Mike Kelloway (Liberal), Fiona MacLeod (PC), Jana Reddick (NDP), Jaime Battiste (Liberal) , Eddie Orrell (PC), Jeff Ward (NDP) and Ronald Barron (PPC). We did hear from Jana Reddick and Ronald Barron immediately but only Ronald Barron came through and participated.
The candidates who are looking for your vote should not be afraid to communicate with a 17-year-old about her future on this island. Equalization is obviously a hot potato topic for our elected officials and those seeking election. If the candidates are told not to discuss equalization, it is up to all of us to demand some action from them if they want our vote. Please continue to hold your candidates accountable with regards to equalization. Thank you.
Here is the interview:

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