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CBRM fire chief quits, citing strained relationships with some councillors
Patricia A. “Pat” DROHAN — Sydney [OBITUARY]
CBRM fire chief says "unconscious bias" contributed to his decision to resign [PODCAST]
Leo Joseph MOSS — Sydney [OBITUARY]
We Must Stop Electing Unaccountable Politicians....
Generator maintenance 101 [PODCAST]
Former Councillor's Letter and the NSEF's Response.
FIDDLE FRIDAY: Shelly Campbell Troy MacGillivray [VIDEO]
David Joseph GOUTHRO — Thorold, ON [OBITUARY]
Janet Stevenson SMITH — Sydney Mines [OBITUARY]

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Play Cape Breton WORD6 — It's like Wordle but different!
Cape Breton University to build new on-campus residence
The scallops here are to die for.
Cape Breton councillor wants Donkin Mine to reopen
Sydney Waterfront Campus to welcome students Sept.2024

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Play Cape Breton WORD6 — It's like Wordle but different!


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