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Cape Breton police investigate after pedestrian struck by vehicle in Sydney
Nova Scotia reports 126 cases of COVID-19 Sunday
Pandemic sees sales triple for Cape Breton Food Hub
Staying at the Westin and dining in a dome
💥WIN SOME CASH💥 Draw held every Wednesday at 3pm. Thank you
126 new COVID cases, 103 recoveries (May 16)
126 New Cases of COVID-19, 103 Recoveries
Lotto 649: May 15, 2021 - Winning Numbers
Labourer, Concrete Paving [JOB]

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Cape Breton company's 'bid shopping' complaint deemed valid
A&K Lick-A-Chick has its own Song
86 new COVID cases, 115 recoveries (May 15)
Cape Breton Secret Summer Bucketlist 99,000 Views And Counting!
'Heading in the right direction': Nova Scotia reports 86 new COVID-19 cases Saturday

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