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Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh seeks approval to sue accusers
CBRM council wrestling with ways to spend $15M windfall
Membertou wants to revive seal hunt that's been put on ice
Body found in vacant home in Birch Grove, N.S.: Cape Breton police
Property assessment leads to sticker shock for some Cape Breton landowners
CBRM council considers cutting municipal districts from 12 down to 3
Shots fired at fishing boat
Council updated on health professionals coming to the municipality
RCMP investigating shots fired toward boat in Richmond County
Strait area roads, highways, bridges part of province’s five-year plan

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'Get well soon': Cape Breton community rallies around Zamboni driver
Elected official still refuses to provide answers.
Where is officer DM10032? Applicants stumped, stranded by idle immigration worker
New program helps Nova Scotians quit smoking with free nicotine replacement therapy
New Mi'kmaw health authority receives nearly $9M in federal funding

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