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N.S. premier blasts telecom companies in wake of Fiona, calls on Ottawa to step in with regulation
NS Power says some homes may not get power till next week
Cape Breton Regional Police Travel Advisory
CBR Police Traffic Safety Advisory – Hurricane Recovery
Fiona: Some Will Be Without Power Until Next Week
Emergency management officials to give N.S. update on Fiona cleanup
Some schools reopen in Nova Scotia, but more than 100,000 still have no power
Feds deploy more troops to Fiona-hit areas, promise compensation
Scope of Fiona damage becoming more clear in Cape Breton [VIDEO]
Cape Breton cleanup: Military touchdown, animals evacuated, and Trudeau visit Tuesday

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Glace Bay Family Restaurant Gives Away Food to 400 People VIDEO
Live updates: More than 200,000 homes across Maritimes still without power after Fiona
Cape Breton Regional Municipality requests further cleanup assistance
Katie Beaton’s powerful memoir is an absolute must-read
Update from Feds on Fiona aid

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Good for Wal-Mart! They will enjoy the tax break.


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