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Sydney airport looks for lifeline after significant traffic drop
'It happened in a split second': Court documents reveal details in wounding of RCMP officer during N.S. mass shooting
0 New Cases of COVID-19 Reported Today - 1 "Probable" Case
Nova Scotia Is Reporting One Probable Case Of COVID-19 Involving A Dalhousie University Student
CBRM Could Have Two Permanent First Nations Councillors by 2024
Teddy Down to Category 1; Comes in as a Post-tropical Storm
Police charge 5 under Health Protection Act
Coastal Nova Scotia under tropical-storm warning as Teddy moves closer
Teddy to pass through Cape Breton and Eastern NS
One probable COVID-19 case discovered in Nova Scotia

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Quad Counties will be hit the hardest by Hurricane Teddy
Donkin mine is idled, but noise from fans still bothers area residents
Spouse witnessed N.S. gunman torching their cottage, court documents say
Cape Breton prepares for Hurricane Teddy
N.S. municipal officials claimed more than $1.5M in expenses in 2019

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