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Winners are selected every few weeks by the team at lokol, but there is no set schedule or limit to how many winners are chosen.

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    • Chris Bellemore

      December 2019

      Chris Bellemore is our LIKE Award winner for December 2019. Chris has been a frequent contributor to, and his posts are always thoughtful and engaging. His recent post about life in a small town, volunteerism, and shared heritage highlights the importance of community engagement. Congrats, Chris!

    • Christina Joe

      February 2017

      Christina Joe is our LIKE Award winner for February 2017. Christina regularly shares videos and photos of real events in our community as they occur. Footage she shot recently during an extreme weather event will soon appear in a documentary film airing nationally. Congrats, Christina!

  • Dan Yamichuk

    March 2016

    Dan (aka Dr. Strangejob) is our LIKE Award winner for March 2016. Through his alter ego, Dan regularly opines on workplace culture, corporate accountability, and municipal politics. Congrats, Dan!

  • Mary Campbell

    January 2016 

    Mary is our first LIKE Award winner of 2016 for her thoughtful, well written articles. Thanks for contributing to meaningful local discussions, and congrats Mary. 

  • Christian Murphy

    December 2015 

    For his many tech startup posts and political commentary, Christian Murphy is the December 2015 recipient of the Like Award. Congrats Christian. 

  • Tera Camus

    November 2015

    Tera Camus is our latest LIKE Award winner thanks to her article protesting the CBRM's proposed change to the Santa Clause Parade route which excluded Whitney Pier. Tera's story went viral, generated lots of comments, and may have influenced the CBRM to reverse its decision. Way to go, Tera! 

  • Whitney Fawn MacEachern, Scott Sharplin

    July 2015

    Scott and Whitney Fawn have written a series of posts entitled Gravespotting, in which they document in words and pictures some of Cape Breton's most interesting and scenic final resting places. Congrats to both on winning the Like Award!

  • Rory Andrews

    June 2015

    Rory Andrews is our first unnofficial winner because he works at  lokol, but his original articles have garnered so much attention that he is most deserved of this award. Thanks and congratulations Rory! 

  • Joe Ward

    June 2015

    Joe Ward was an early adopter of, offering suggestions for improvement, contributing to online discussions, and he used his social networks to promote content on Thanks and congratulations Joe!

  • Amazon Gift Card Winners 

    Andre Desjardins 
    August 2015 

    For sharing his nature videos on 

    John A. Ardelli 
    August 2015

    For his continued YouTube series "Podium HD."

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