5 Easy Cape Breton Snowshoe Hikes

Cape Breton Island has many hiking trails perfect for snowshoeing. Whether a seasoned pro looking for a workout, or a family looking to try out the sport for the first time, there is a trail for you.

Your first time out with snowshoes can be a little daunting, especially if you are taking the kids along. Here are five Cape Breton trails perfect for a first experience:

Petersfield Park, Westmount

Petersfield Park was once the grounds of a family estate in the early 1900s. The Park overlooks Sydney Harbour and has a 7km network of trails. All are well-traveled, making them ideal for snowshoers not yet comfortable with blazing their own trail.

Dalem Lake, Bras d’Or

Dalem Lake is a small freshwater lake just inside Victoria County, about 30 minutes by car from Sydney. The lake has an amazing 2.5 km loop which provides a 360-degree view of this frozen gem. Being a loop trail, you can get back to your starting point without backtracking. 

Uisge Ban Falls, Rear Baddeck

Uisge Ban Falls (pronounced OOSH-KA-ban) is Gaelic for white water. The trail offers a 2.5 km trek to the source of the falls, one of Cape Breton’s most-visited. The water and mist from the falls create natural ice sculptures and crystals on the valley trees. 

Celtic Shores, Inverness to the Train Trestle

Celtic Shores stretches along the west coast and is one of Cape Breton’s finest long-distance trails. One of the best legs of the trail — known as the Inverness Shean Trail — travels 2 km from Inverness to an old 300-foot train trestle. The short distance and clear signage make this a great trail for beginners. Its wide and level surface is also perfect for small groups or families who like trekking side by side.

Lennox Passage Provincial Park, Isle Madame

Lennox Passage Provincial Park is a small park on Isle Madame overlooking the strait between the Isle and the rest of Cape Breton. This short 3 km partial-loop trek features open level ground and a working lighthouse, making it perfect for an evening hike in the freshly-fallen snow.

Special thanks to Steven Rolls for the reviews.  For more information on Cape Breton trails, visit MooseBait.com

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Cape Breton Island has many hiking trails perfect for snowshoeing.Here are five Cape Breton trails perfect for a first experience.
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