New Dawn Guest Home: 30-bed Level One, residential care.

A caring, welcoming environment is the hallmark of New Dawn Guest Home, a 30-bed, Level One, residential care facility providing personalized and professional care in a bright, comfortable setting for people with a variety of disabilities.

New Dawn Guest Home Limited was established in 1977 when a residential care home in Whitney Pier was facing closure. New Dawn Enterprises Limited purchased the facility to ensure that residential care would continue to be available to the community.

In 1993, residents of the Guest Home were moved to a newly constructed building in Pine Tree Park, a decommissioned military base on the outskirts of Sydney. Originally designed to meet Level Two nursing-home specifications, New Dawn Guest Home enables its staff to provide optimum care to residents in a warm and attractive setting.

The quality of life of our residents is a factor of the care and dedication of New Dawn Guest Home staff. Every effort is made to plan for and attend to the physical, emotional and social needs of the residents and to create a positive family atmosphere. In partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services, local response to the standard of care provided by New Dawn Guest Home has resulted in exceptionally high occupancy rates.

For more information on the New Dawn Guest Home, please contact: 

Janet Gillis
Administrator, Guest Home and Home Living
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (902) 539-2221
Fax: (902) 564-8309

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A 30-bed, Level One, residential care facility providing personalized and professional care for people with a variety of disabilities.
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