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Marjorie Fougere

Marjorie Fougere is well known for her flair for decorating.  

In fact, it was Marjorie that  brought her special decorating skills to the An Cala Unit in the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. Now, Marjorie is working with Hospice Cape Breton once again to bring her special touch to our community’s new Hospice, helping to make our Hospice a home.  

Marjorie says her approach to the project has been multi-dimensional. She of course wants to make the space beautiful, but also functional and as comfortable as possible. Adding to the dimension of the project is the fact that there are several health and fire code regulations that must be strictly followed. For Marjorie, it was vital to work with staff who will be using the space to ensure that the needs of patients and their family are fully met. 

“I thought about how I want people to feel when they walk into the building,” said Marjorie. “I want it to feel like they are in a cozy cottage on the coast, surrounded by sandy colours, blues and aquas for a tranquil and calming effect.” 

Marjorie was also very mindful of the fact that the circle motif is very much a part of the Hospice—representing the circle of life, and the circle of care that Hospice Cape Breton has been providing for over 30 years. Many of the walls are curved, and the fabrics have circles woven in them. Choosing from over 250 different fabrics, she feels it was a good sign that the first shipment she received and opened, was a fabric with circles. 

“I've worked very closely with suppliers to ensure the furniture is just right. The patient rooms can comfortably sit six people,” said Marjorie. The cuddle beds in the patient rooms can accommodate a family member and the patient. There are flip-top tables that can easily accommodate a lap top, and a fold-out that also serves as a sofa. "While the décor will be beautiful, it is functional first.”

The quiet room is designed to offer a tranquil place, where family members can go to reflect, or have quiet conversations with medical professionals or social workers. The multi-purpose room will offer a space for ceremonies—again with a subtle circle theme, and inclusivity in mind, with design themes that will embrace multiple cultures.

The natural light that flows into the Hospice allows everyone to see and enjoy the tranquil gardens that will surround the building, as well as the nature that embraces it. Marjorie says she chose green for the exterior of the building because she wanted it to look as if it is nestled into the trees. Marjorie says that it has been a privilege to work on this long overdue project.  

“Every member of the build committee, as well as Hospice Cape Breton is so invested in this, “said Marjorie. "From the electricians, to the contractors and plumbers, there is an emotional connection to what will be a very special place.”

Marjorie believes there is a lot of ownership of the project because everyone understands just how important this facility is for the community.  

“I truly want patients and their families to feel like the Hospice is a home, that this Hospice is the right place for their loved ones. If I can contribute to their peace of mind, I’ve done my job.” 

A donor catalog has now been produced with a range of items available to purchase for the Hospice. Tax receipts will be issued. 


The catalog will enable individuals, businesses and community groups to come together to help make Hospice home. It is available at hospicecapebreton.org and also attached for download.

If you would like to learn more about Hospice Cape Breton, and the services it provides, visit HospiceCapeBreton.org 

Hospice Cape Breton

4th floor Cape Breton Regional Hospital
PO Box 561 Sydney, N.S. B1P 6H4

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