An ATV Trail! Really CBRM?

An ATV Trail! Really CBRM?

The residents (Constituents) of District 9/10 went to public meetings and filled out surveys over the last 10 years to say "WE DON'T WANT ATVs IN OUR BACKYARDS (LITERALLY)". Public money was spent to distribute these "Active Transportation" surveys and hold public meetings and committee meetings regarding this trail under the guise of building an Active Transportation trail for the residents. I assume that the money spent was coming from the Active Transportation budget ($333,000 per year for 20 years = $6.6 million). I am waiting for confirmation but transparency doesn't seem to be a thing here in CBRM.

ATVs (off-road vehicles in general) have been causing problems (police calls and deaths) in CBRM for years and for some reason the CBRM council (pre 2020) decided to disregard the wants and needs of the community and push the agenda of a small group (ATV Association) and build an ATV trail right through our backyards. This allows ATVs (non-essential toys) from all over the island to come drive through our backyards. This is not needed and not wanted by residents and property taxpayers along this trail.

Here we see a death and injury, increasing police response and hospital visits. Also a statement of concern from Police Services about the issue around ATVs: Cape Breton Post

In today's post we see on the front page of another young man killed on an ATV. These reports are constant.

We don't need this off-road culture fostered in our community

This ATV Trail running right through the heart of our community will forever depreciate the value of our property so the questions are now:

  1. Will CBRM reduce our tax bills to reflect the detrimental effect this ATV Trail will likely have on our property values?
  2. Will CBRM compensate property owners for lost value. This can be up to 28% when considering the original plan was to build an active transportation trail vs. an ATV Trail. This is $28,000 on a $100,000 property value.

This is considerable and all taxpayers, regardless of where you live in CBRM,  will have foot the bill if the compensation if it is secured.

It is bad enough that CBRM is spending Federal and Municipal tax dollars on an ATV Trail but to run it through dense residential backyards and declare that they can drive through our backyards until 11:00pm...well this is outright ludicrous and questionable behavior IMHO.

The Battle Has Just Begun Now That CBRM Has Officially Taken Over The Property

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Mike Johnson Follow Me
There are enough ATV Trails in CB, in fact the county, island, and much of the highlands are full of them. And they should only be near populated areas, especially urban, when required for access or egress. We have the abandoned CB&CNS railway behind us on Rte223, and when CBRM and the NS Govt. finally get around to realizing there will no more trains, it should become a 'non-motorized' part of the Great Trail. (formerly the Trans Canada.)
Lillian Dolomont Follow Me
Thank you Mike and Madeline. I guess we just have to live with these vehicles. There are SOME users that do follow the law but IMHO but they are in the minority. In my area they have even destroyed so bad the little walking trail that was used by many, the ATV's can't even use them. WHAT was the CBRM thinking when they gave the green light for these vehicles on the walking trails? Spent two weeks in North Sydney this past summer and was shocked by the number of times I saw these atv's on the streets. If they would only go on trails that were developed for them and stay on them, there would be no problem, they should never be allowed in a residential area.
Madeleine Sauve Follow Me
Kodos to you Joseph Campbell for bravely speaking to this subject with candor and clarity. I am entirely astounded by the actions here in Richmond County that defy common sense about appropriate land use and show utter disrespect for private property and owners.. ATV clubs and ADVANS (umbrella organization) have accrued extraordinary power to secure trails for what is their exclusive use. They are organized, self serving and shockingly well funded by the province. They currently have designated11,000 kms of ATV trails in this province. To continue to support this one very invasive activity at the expense of any other is minimally a failure of imagination.
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