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GET ’ER DONE! Event in Cape Breton To Spark Citizen Action is hosting GET ‘ER DONE! 
Mathew Georghiou describes the event in this video...

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The event to be held on Saturday, October 1st is a free half-day forum for an authentic, interactive, and meaningful conversation about the future of Cape Breton Island. No political agendas. No propaganda. No spin. Just the facts about our community’s challenges and opportunities for success and how we can take action to GET ‘ER DONE!

The premise for the event is that the success of a community is not dependent on big wins. It's about the small things that happen every day between friends, neighbors, coworkers, and community. Many little wins add up to a big win. GET “ER DONE! aims to help facilitate these wins through grassroots community action.

GET ‘ER DONE is unlike any other community event.  It’s highly interactive with local panelists and audience participation in all discussions. Mobile phones and whiteboards will be used to collect audience feedback in real time.

Richard Lorway, President of, says, “Everyone will be invited, but not required, to make an action pledge:  a promise to do something community-minded, no matter how big or small. Examples could be to volunteer for an event, donate to a food bank, help a neighbor, clean a green space, eat healthy, vote in the election, anything! Action pledges will be captured on paper, through mobile devices, and in personal photos.”

Nigel Kearns, the event co-producer, added, “Our desired outcome for this event is to bring together those who are already active within our community to share their experiences with those who desire to make a difference but may not know what to do or how to get started. This event will open that dialogue, inspire action, and create a take-control-movement, both during and after the event.  A true GET ‘ER DONE! attitude to make our community what we all want it to be for us, our families, and those who visit or choose to settle here. Let us lead by example!”

Once the half-day event concludes, the discussions and actions will be taken online to where the dialog and action pledges can continue.

Event Information

  • The inaugural event will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2016 between 9am to 1pm at the Highland Arts Theatre on Bentinck Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • Attendance is free and open to all.

  • Founded and hosted by  Funded by (lokol Inc), N Kearns Event & Project Solutions, and various sponsors.

  • The name of the event reflects the interactive and action-oriented focus of the event, while adopting an endearing colloquial term well-known to Cape Bretoners.

  • is not affiliated with any political organization or agency.

  • More details and panelists can be found on the event website at

GET 'ER DONE! Panelists


-Barriers and solutions for Healthcare, Poverty, Nutrition, Outmigration, and more.

  • Monika Dutt
  • Alicia Lake
  • Lynne McCarron
  • David Sawler


-Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Energy, Resources, Agriculture, Oceans, and more.

  • Dannie Hansen
  • Bert Lewis
  • Steve Lilley
  • Bob Pelley


-The role of media, social media, and citizens in building community and social capital.

  • Rob Calabrese
  • Mary Campbell
  • Ian McNeil
  • Joe Ward


-Community participation and leadership for a prosperous future. A plan to move forward.

  • Wesley Colford
  • Rankin MacSween
  • Doug Milburn
  • Spyro Trifos

GET 'ER DONE! by sharing this event with friends, family, and coworkers!

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Launched just over 1 year ago, has quickly become THE place for Cape Bretoners at home and around the world to share local news, information, and more. is unlike any other media, web portal, or social media site.  Our objective is to help build a vibrant community ecosystem for Cape Breton Island. Despite our early and growing success, we want to do more and be more for Cape Breton Island.  We want to empower our citizens to create positive and lasting change in our community. The website combined with the GET ‘ER DONE! event helps make this happen.


Richard Lorway, President and lokol

902.562.0042 x210   

[email protected]

More Information

Event Website:

lokol company website is at

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A free half-day forum for an authentic, interactive, and meaningful conversation about the future of Cape Breton Island.
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Christian Murphy Follow Me
I am truly looking forward to this Matt. It's time that we take ownership of the problems and collectively working towards resolving them.
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
I see you have already signed up to save your seat - I look forward to seeing you there! It's been a long time coming, but I think we have a significant shift in the community with people wanting to take action to get things done rather than waiting for someone to save us.
Lillian Dolomont Follow Me
Matthew, what a great idea. I'm an away caper but still have lots of family and visit the Island a lot. I will pledge to do anything on the north side anytime I am in town. I love the idea of the park between the ballast heap and Irving. That is the best thing that could happen since our other park was stolen from the town. Hopefully with a new Mayor and some new Councillors, the north side will get a little attention. Tks
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
Thanks Lillian. I often say that Cape Breton's largest untapped natural resource is Capers who live away but still want to give back to the Island in some way. It's hard for our expats to remain connected to the Island and discover the real news and information of what's happening ... both good and bad ... so that they can find meaningful ways to contribute. It's one of the reasons why we created and continue to invest in making it successful here.
Peter Ross Follow Me
I plan to attend and look forward to hearing people's ideas. I think this is a great opportunity for the CBRM community to work together. Good on you for hosting this, goCapeBreton.

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