Awesome Response to David Delaney by Jeff McNeil....

The following letter was also published today by Jeff McNeil. Jeff is responding as well to the recent David Delaney Op Ed about equalization. Many in the government peg him as a redneck due to his outdoorsy passions. But just like with the government, not many realize that he can sling words with the best of ‘em when the situation calls for it. Here is Jeff’s awesome letter: EQUALIZATION FAIRNESS COMMENTARY DRAWS RESPONSE 7 Jun 2024 Re: ‘Time to bury the (equalization fairness) ight in CBRM,’ Cape Breton Post commentary by David Delaney, June 4. Ah, David Delaney, the self-appointed oracle of Albert Bridge, waxing poetic about the equalization issue as if he's discovered the philosopher's stone of municipal finance. It’s quite rich to hear him dismiss the equalization fairness fight as a “lost cause” while basking in the comfort of his detached viewpoint. Delaney suggests our Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) politicians are mere performers, flip-flopping for votes. Yet, he conveniently sidesteps the fact that it's our communities, not the gilded towers of downtown Halifax, that generate the very equalization transfers sustaining this province. His call for “realistic policy choices” sounds delightful until one realizes it's a thinly veiled endorsement of maintaining the status quo, benefiting those with hefty downtown investments – his real audience, perhaps? His “better alternative” – a tax-neutral rearrangement– is an exercise in idealistic naiveté. Suggesting that municipalities simply engage in a Herculean legislative overhaul as if it's a stroll in the park ignores the intricate realities of federal-provincial relations. Meanwhile, we in the CBRM will continue to demand our fair share of resources, grounded in the reality that our needs and contributions are far from imaginary. So, Mr. Delaney, while you propose to "put the ball rolling" with theoretical frameworks, we'll be here dealing with the tangible impacts of fiscal imbalance and pushing for real change, not just rhetorical posturing. When you're ready to discuss these issues in a public forum, we'll see who’s really afraid of facing the flame. Jeff McNeil Scotchtown

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Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
Per the above"We will continue to demand" just isn't working and actually hasn't for 30 years.From my casual observation of the equalization movement,all it accomplished was to cause every politician who controls the purse strings from here to Halifax and on to Ottawa to turn their backs on us and after putting some thought into this that is understandable.None of the accusations have been proven to them and the average joe.We need to fill City Hall with street smart diplomats willing to engage fellow politicians of all stripes in a professional distinguished manner,not simply the "take it to the man","high five" stuff from the past.Any candidate willing to jump into the equalization rabbit hole/sink hole is gonna lead us over the cliff.If we don't succeed this time around we are done like dinner.
Charles Sampson Follow Me
Raymond, “From your casual observation of the equalization movement…” you continue to find no fault with the “unprofessional” and, more importantly, “undemocratic” refusal of the politicians to meet and explain their own data? Why do you “after putting some thought into this” find this “”understandable “ for the government to “turn their backs on us?” Does the law have any meaning to you?
Barry Smith Follow Me
You "nailed " it Raymond, it's not on most people's radar, there are other fish to fry. Just a small group making a lot of noise.

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