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Cast is a fine woodworking shop that is specialise in creation of custom and design furniture, decor and art. Whether for an individual, a company or an organization, Cast Fine Woodworking can help meet all the needs for your next project.

Bastien Pinon, the owner and founder of the shop,  carries with him more than a decade of experience in the art and craft of woodworking. His studies in France and his work experience in Canada put his art at a high level standard. Now living in Cape-Breton, he opened his own shop to be able to live from his passion. His work is unique, original, contemporary and professionnal. 

By combining ancestral and contemporary techniques, he realises unique products. He is developping the art of integrating technology into his piece of art. From conception to installation, Cast is gonna guide you through every steps from your final project. Always aware about the new tendancies, he knows how to produce innovative and ambitious project.

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Lynn Hussey Follow Me
Beautiful work! Welcome to Albert Bridge CB!
Joe Ward Follow Me
Beautiful work. You should get in touch with this Nova Scotian architect. I suspect he has clients who would love to have some of your work as feature pieces in their homes.
Lynn Hussey Follow Me
Great tip for him! The more clients the better, no doubt..
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