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Last Sunday 35 people showed up to sing and show the Catholic Church that they want their church back. We should help them out. How would you like somebody/organization or government taking something away from you? Two hospital closures come to mind. So does millions of dollars worth of equalization payments. Bring your guitar, fiddle and/or great voice and remember you are in Gaelic country, never know who will show up

Christmas Island Sunday Aug 12th/2018                                                   11:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Wardens of the church of St. Barra's Preservation and Development Society would like to thank all who were not afraid to come and show their support! Great turnout this morning, about 35 people, sang hyms, prayed together at the doors of St Barra, Christmas Island, even the weather took a break for us. Same time next week, God willing!!😊🙏🎶


In the early 1800s, 20 Catholic Highlanders from Barra and South Uist fled persecution for their religion in Scotland, settling on Christmas Island, Cape Breton.  They arrived with little but the clothes on their backs and a strong belief in God.  So strong was their faith that they built a church by hand out of logs as a temporary place of worship until they could find a priest who could speak their native Gaelic.

This was the humble beginning of what would become known as St. Barra Parish of Christmas Island.  Almost 200 years later, sixth-to-eighth-generation descendants of those original Gaelic-speaking Scottish Highlanders still form the core of the parish built by the strength of the community’s faith.

Then, on January 21, 2013, the Diocese of Antigonish announced that it was closing St. Barra.

For 200 years, these Catholic Highlanders had been persecuted for their religion in Scotland, yet their faith endured 200 years more; it was the strength of that faith that built St. Barra Parrish.  Now they feel like they’re being persecuted again, this time not by Scotland, but by the Catholic Church itself.

St. Barra Parish has never questioned the authority of the Catholic Church.

Until now.

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The original church that burned down

This also burned down in a separate fire

The inside of the original church. It was quite a beautiful church

Another view 

This was a long time ago. A lot of history in the community. I don't blame this group for wanting this property back.

Keep up the fight

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Randy Pointkoski Follow Me
hi Great to hear about demonstration for the support. The world around us is ever changing and as much as we want to cling on the past, without looking forward and living into the future there would be no past the sing about. The wonderful building and site has contributed greatly to society, community and culture so far. But that seems to have run its course despite all the local good deeds and prayers. Is there a way that this wonderful site can "reinvent itself " to contribute in another way to be a focal point for the community once again"? There it so much more in life than "beating the old horse". I pray for positive renewal whenever I think of this subject.
Michael MacNeil My Post Follow Me
The group has informed me that the gathering was at 11:00 am and not 11:30. I apologize for the confusion. They also informed me that they had a good crowd and will be doing the same thing next Sunday Aug 12th at 11:00 am. I will do up another event notice later in the week. If the group has any more info or pictures to share please PM me and I will include in next post. Something that might be useful in gaining more support would be any suggestions on possible uses of the property. I know in New Victoria they are planning on converting the old stone church to a wedding chapel. The church and Glebe house in Christmas Island might be used in a Gaelic teaching program or summer camp. Curious to know the year the Glebe house was built and if it could be covered under a grant from National Trust. Something to talk about with Mark Eyking for sure.
Michael MacNeil My Post Follow Me
This is happening this morning at 11:00 am. Bring your guitar and show Christmas Island that you support them. A worthy cause for good people.

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