Labi Kousoulis' Vision for Cape Breton, a Better Way Forward

A Better Way Forward, Cape Breton - Investing in Cape Breton Cape Breton serves as one of our province’s economic hubs. It is a region of rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and hard-working Cape Bretoners. We must foster sustainable growth throughout the region in order to propel Nova Scotia forward, together. I am committed to bringing forward the following investments to help ensure this will happen. As our campaign continues, we will announce further measures that will support the region. NEW – Opening a Cape Breton Office of the Premier I am committed to opening an Office of the Premier in Cape Breton which I will regularly work from. It will be accessible to Cape Bretoners and it will help ensure that decision-making is made locally with engagement from residents. NEW – Public Service Careers for All Nova Scotians COVID-19 has shown us that many public service jobs do not need to be based out of an office in Halifax. As Premier, I will ensure all available public service positions without a location requirement are open to Nova Scotians who may choose to work from their home or a regional government office if available. This will ensure more Nova Scotians from all regions can work in our public service and not have to leave their communities. NEW – Creating a Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management Course at NSCC A two-year course to teach students the microbiology and chemistry of making beer; marketing and selling beer; and brewery management. This program will be popular with women and men who are pursuing a new career or a practical top-up to their existing education. With the growth of craft breweries in Atlantic Canada, there is a demand for trained brewers for the industry. This course is the first to be offered east of Ontario and will attract students from across Atlantic Canada and abroad. It will support our growing craft brewery, cidery, and distillery industry. Nova Scotia Small Business Investment Fund We must support small businesses in Cape Breton and across the Province who face potentially dire financial impacts as a result of COVID-19. In recognizing the importance of our small businesses, I am committed to investing $60 million dollars to reduce the property tax burden on our small businesses across the province. This relief over the next year will ensure small businesses can withstand COVID-19, keep people employed, and pay their taxes to municipalities. We must work to ensure the Main Streets across Cape Breton and Nova Scotia remain vibrant during and after COVID-19. Their success is our Province’s success. Entrepreneurial Seed Investment Strategy As it stands, the technology industry is one of the largest employers in Cape Breton, attracted by local talent and expertise. We must support entrepreneurs in the region and give them the resources to go on and become the next Protocase. I am committed to investing $1 million annually to fund new seed investments for Cape Breton startups. Further, I will shift the decision-making for these investments at Innovacorp to be located on the ground in Cape Breton. Growth and prosperity are among my focuses to ensure sustained growth and innovation post COVID-19. Cape Breton Immigration Strategy Cape Bretoners have expressed the positive impact that international students have had in growing the local economy and attracting new residents. Many have asked me to work towards increasing rural immigration numbers. As Premier, I will provide direct staff and resources from ISANS to be located in Cape Breton. This will mean jobs and decision making will be where it belongs and can more successfully work to attract new international students and residents. Cape Breton Collaborative Tourism There are many opportunities available to make the region a destination for year-round tourism. I will work with tourism operations to ensure we expand the tourism season beyond the summer months. Cape Smokey is a fantastic example of how we can attract winter-focused tourism to the region, but there are many other experiences and adventures to offer. This will provide year-round revenues for our operators as well as for businesses who rely on tourism as part of their success.

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No mention of our lack of proper healthcare? Today our hospitals were ranked highest death rate in Canada No mention of our airport No mention of the railway? Are you going to keep on subsidizing an American Railway company that is stopping development in Cape Breton No mention of more recreational infrastructure to encourage exercise and healthy lifestyle

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