Cape Breton Artist On Cross Canada Trek For 150th [VIDEO]

Alison R. Grapes, Km 1050

In honour of the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation, ex-pat Cape Breton artist and educator, Alison R. Grapes, and her best friend, Carol Loeb, will embark on an art project that follows the road that ties Canada together. 

Carol Loeb, Km 1050

During 2017, the two artists will travel along the Trans-Canada Highway from coast to coast, stopping every 150 km and finding the subject and inspiration for a series of 51 paintings each of the great country that they call home.


Some images will be of the road itself, some of the countryside and life along the road, and some have not yet been imagined. Join them on their journey by visiting their website and blog, and see their paintings at a series of exhibitions planned for the finished artworks during 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Listen to CBC Information Morning Cape Breton's interview with Alison Grapes. 

Listen to the Larry Fedoruk podcast as he speaks with Carol Loeb.

Watch their VIDEO below.

As art teachers, Alison and Carol also plan to give back to art programs that help develop young people's passion for the visual arts by donating of a portion of their sales from the opening exhibition held during Canada Day celebrations in July 2017.

An exhibition is also being planned for the summer of 2017 at the Colouratura Fine Art Gallery in Indian Brook on the Cabot Trail. 

Alison and Carol have both worked as art teachers in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board. 

Read more about the artists HERE

Visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE to learn more about the Trans-Canada 150 x Two project. 

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Alison Grapes Follow Me
Thank you for helping us get the word out!! The upcoming adventure will be exciting for Carol and myself. The journey really begins this July in Toronto with a launch exhibition before Carol and I hop into her car, traveling west. Two artists, one car, lots of talk (and coffee). I can only imagine the laughs we are going to have - and the great photos we will take of this gorgeous country…. and each other. We have set up an instagram account, transcan150xtwo, where we will post photos of all our adventures. Community support means so much, so thank you again!
Carol Loeb Follow Me
Richard - you did an great job posting this for us. Thanks. The project is a lot of fun!! I hope other artists join us. Carol

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