Cape Breton University Seeking Public Support for New Centre

Why is the Centre for Discovery and Innovation key to the future of Cape Breton University?


For more than 50 years, Cape Breton University, and its predecessor institutions, have been home to long-standing, highly recognized science, engineering and technology programs. With labs used to train doctors, pharmacists, dentists, engineers, scientists and so much more, we are proud of our success, but look forward to the future.


While surrounded by pristine natural landscapes, vibrant cultures and welcoming communities, within the University is crumbling infrastructure and aging labs once used by our parents and grandparents for more than five decades. Our facilities no longer serve the purpose of today’s generation and tomorrow’s professionals. 


Cape Breton University is at a turning point. To ensure sustainability of the institution, investment in infrastructure is critical to the needs of the 21st century university student. We must redefine our learning and living spaces by investing in our campus and facilities. This is essential for creating the exceptional learning experiences that our future medical professionals, engineers and scientists need.


The Centre for Discovery and Innovation is the future of Cape Breton University. This state-of-the-art, modern research and instructional facility will attract the brightest minds from Cape Breton Island and around the world, and give them an opportunity to stay here and work here. 


Now more than ever, we must look for ways to grow and retain our population. We must support scientific research and the growth of programs like nursing, public health, and emergency management. This is the Centre for Discovery and Innovation.


With contemporary, innovative infrastructure, Cape Breton University will be positioned to maximize the potential of Cape Breton Island and its most valuable resource - its people.


Please sign the petition here to show your support for the Centre for Discovery and Innovation at Cape Breton University.

Centre for Discovery and Innovation

E: [email protected]

T: 902.563.1271

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The Centre for Discovery and Innovation will be a state-of-the-art, modern research and instructional facility. Sign a petition to support this initiative.
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