Cape Breton's Còig Launches New CD: Rove [VIDEO]

Còig Launches New CD: Rove

Còig (Ko-ig) is an electrifying line-up of East Coast musicians. Originally formed as a promotional band for the Celtic Colours International Festival, these award winning performers decided to continue to play as the Còig ensemble whenever possible. Chrissy Crowley from Margaree, Rachel Davis from Baddeck, Jason Roach from Cheticamp, and Darren McMullen from Hardwood Lands, NS.

With over 30 nominations and awards, each of Còig’s talented musicians have released their own successful solo albums, and have toured at home and abroad before coming together. Rove is their recently-released sophomore album available at

Còig - Whistled No. 1 from New Album "ROVE"

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