CB politician criticized for Facebook block of constituent.

The following letter to the editor was published today in the Cape Breton Post. Father Maroun is very concerned that an MLA’s is blocking a constituent for asking equalization related questions. Brian Comer had better unblock Charles Sampson and soon. People are getting upset with the lack of democracy Brian Comer is displaying. We will file complaints with the ombudsman, the Speaker of the House and the Premier’s office if nothing is done by end of day today to stop the muzzling of one of Brian Comers constituents. Here is the Letter to the editor: LETTER: Cape Breton politician criticized for Facebook block of constituent What do we do when our elected officials block us on social media because they do not want to answer questions? This happened to my friend Charles Sampson. I am appalled at the fact that Brian Comer, who happens to be Charles’s MLA, blocked him on Facebook because Charles is asking questions that Brian does not want to answer or has been told not to answer by someone in a higher authority. I would like to inform the community that the Tim Houston government has never met with or answered an email, phone call or request of the Nova Scotians for Equalization Fairness (NSEF). I did receive one call, when our office was closed for the day, from Minister Allan MacMaster who wanted to discuss all the spending that was currently taking place in Cape Breton. I felt like telling Mr. MacMaster that it was the Liberals who committed to the spending in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality and not the Progressive Conservative government as he was suggesting in our phone call. The NSEF group is not going away anytime soon and every government should be aware of that fact. I have made provisions for them to carry on for many decades to come. Charles Sampson challenges every politician from the CBRM, and we all feel that party politics is the problem, but I have never known Charles to be ignorant or abusive in his questioning. All other MLAs, MPs, councillors and mayors have not blocked any of the NSEF members. We have been ignored by many and sometimes it takes weeks, if not months, to receive an answer but for a politician to block a constituent for asking a question is very concerning. I have reached out to Comer’s constituency office and left a message asking why Charles Sampson was blocked on Brian’s social media, but I have not heard back from anyone. Rev. Dr. Albert Maroun Sydney

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