CB Premiers Haven’t Been Much Help for CB

We thank Richard Collis for this letter to the editor, that was published today, in the Cape Breton Post. Richard always tells it like it is and he does not sugar coat his thoughts. We need more like Richard to voice our concerns publicly on this issue. Thank you, Richard, for such a well worded and truthful letter. Here is Richard's Letter: Caper Premiers Haven’t Been Much Help For Cape Breton For those who think having a Cape Bretoner as Premier of NS would be a good thing for Cape Breton, shake your head. We have had Capers as Premiers and it never did us one bit of good. Ian Rankin was the latest Caper to make it to the top position in NS. There has also been Rodney MacDonald and Russell MacLennan and John Buchanan. Rodney turned out to be the worse Premier NS ever had. And Russell who? The quiet one. Each and every one of the Capers turned Premiers were strong supporters of their chosen parties. For each it was " whatever it takes for THE PARTY. There never was any advantage to Cape Breton to having Capers turned Premiers. It was great for the elected Premier Capers and their parties but did nothing for Cape Breton Island. Every political party in NS, Halifax, had their chance to address the equalization payments due to Cape Breton and rural NS, knowing the poverty, unemployment, extremely high property taxes and infrastructure that is falling apart, and our health care that is going down the toilet. Based on what wannabe MLAs and MPs tell us when they are looking for our votes , that they are well aware of the situation Cape Breton is in. Or at least they should know by now. They should realize the importance of equalization payment from Ottawa to Halifax to CBI. They should, but do they know? Playing stupid on this very important file by ignoring it and their constituents that are affected is criminal. Shows what a puppet politician is made of and has no backbone. Talking heads. IMO the provincial government of NS, since Confederation and 2 annexations, has been screwing us over by keeping us poor for the benefit of the HRM. All rural NS is suffering because our elected governments of the day prefer to be the wolf in sheep's clothing fudging the numbers for decades for the benefit of the HRM. Ask the wannabe MPs that are looking for your votes, what are they going to do about the equalization payments that are suppose to be paid out to CBI ? Or will they be told as well, hands off that file? Its a hot potato. Theft by government. Makes them all guilty. Richard Collis Big Bras d’Or

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