CBRM Councillor Says COVID Vaccinations "Do nothing at all"

I am listening to Bonnie Tyler singing “Nothing at all.”

So much drama and passion and that throaty voice.

I find it impossible not to sing that song in my head when listening to it.

Youth angst revisited.

But I heard the phrase “nothing at all” during the CBRM Council meeting of September 13 and I did not feel like singing along in my head.

Not at all.

A councillor said, “A vaccination is not going to make you any safer. If fact it is going to do nothing at all.”

Nothing at all?

It got worse.

“The science says vaccinations do not protect you from the COVID-19 virus. It is clearly stated.”

“…no doctor has stated that it protects you from dying of COVID 19 if you get the vaccination.”


It is weird that the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Department of Health and Wellness had this to say about COVID vaccinations:

“… no vaccine is 100 per cent effective and breakthrough cases will occur, however research clearly shows vaccines work by reducing the risk of severe illness, hospitalization and death.

National and international research shows us when compared to unvaccinated people, fully vaccinated people are 80 per cent less likely to be hospitalized and 66 per cent less likely to die as a result of the virus."

We must hold our elected officials to the snake-low bar of not inventing information in Council meetings.

Or should we do nothing at all?

I am going to write Councillor Lorne Greene and ask that he reconsider his statements on the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccinations.

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Anita Burke Follow Me
This man is ignorant and irresponsible. He needs to be removed from council before his untruthful comments cause more damage
Lynn Hussey Follow Me
Wow. Isn't He full of drivel.
William Palander Follow Me
I'm glad you brought this up. A Whitney Pier resident/friend brought it to our attention in a Tweet. After listening to the Councillors debating the removal of a policy that they instituted less than a year ago was difficult at best to listen to. A few Councillors made sense but the rest seemed to be performing for what I don't know. But unfortunately, Councillor Green embarrassed himself, Whitney Pier and CBRM by his vaccine disinformation and using that word "freedom" a term abused by the Far Right as a signal to others. I reached out to Councillor Green in an email. He in turn phoned me and left a message where he claimed he was simply speaking to vaccines not guaranteed against COVID death and assured me that he isn't a Freedom Convoy supporter.
Lorna MacNeil My Post Follow Me
Well, it is good that he got back to you! Though he said much more, as you know, than vaccines do not guarantee that you will not die from COVID. No expert ever suggested that this is the case. I do hope that he issues a clarifying statement.
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Mandy Ardelli (Roy) Follow Me
A sincere thank you to whomever deleted those comments from that other fella. Good grief, some people can be so ridiculous!
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This uneducated councilor should be charged with spreading false information ,dangerous to the public.
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