Charlotte Street Construction Starts July 4th

Charlotte Street construction will begin on July 4th, 2022.

The section between Dorchester and Pitt Street will be open to pedestrian traffic only for approximately 14 weeks.

The project's aim is to create a more pedestrian friendly atmosphere, infuse beautification and streetscaping, and slow traffic. 

Work will include roadway excavation, waterline and utility installation, sidewalk construction, installation of street elements and paving of the roadway.

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Debbie Keating Follow Me
Let’s hope this plan includes the burial of electric wires as insisted by property owners on Charlotte so we’re not left decades behind other cities in this country. We need an administration that doesn’t “settle” in their decision making, but finally listens to the voice of the public (fire station location).
Mandy Ardelli (Roy) Follow Me
I think that may be unlikely, unfortunately. We don't even have buried lines here in Halifax. It would be awesome, though.
Tars MacEachern Follow Me
Would be great to have all buried lines but can’t see it happening anytime soon and NOT because Halifax doesn’t have them. Sounds like the assumption that if Halifax doesn’t no one else should 🤬
Mandy Ardelli (Roy) Follow Me
Sorry. 😕 That's not what I meant.
Debbie Keating Follow Me
The reconstruction on Spring Garden Road (which many businesses objected to believe it or not) has all power lines buried….most maritime cities have taken care of that in their development projects as a number one priority. But we continue to go backwards…. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of new inter-lock tile PAVED OVER with concrete rather than fixing them. Somebody downtown has taken on these decisions without having a sweet clue what they are doing…….and they aren’t being challenged by anyone when they act outside of their job description!!!!!!! It seems that nothing ever changes ….
Joe Ward Follow Me
I recall them mentioning the option and quickly dismissing it due to the added cost, with no significant pushback from Council that I can remember. It’s the urban planning equivalent of when Mike “Make it Right” Holmes posts pictures of home, do-it-yourself renovations and electrical wiring gone wrong. It looks ugly and non-modern. But let’s face it. The CBRM’s signature downtown still doesn't get enough attention to clear the sidewalks of snow quickly, nor cleanup garbage as a priority. They're not burying lines.

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