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OK I will be the first to post in your success stories! Because I believe our story is a success story! I grew up here and I love Cape Breton but in my early 20s I wanted to go to Toronto and seek my fame and fortune well 28 years, a failed marriage and two children later my mom was getting up in years. Oh we came home every summer and the children usually stayed with my family for the whole summer while I went back and worked worked I did not want them to spend the summer in Toronto.... Every day I longed to be back home I spoke with everybody I could about how glorious our island was and most people agreed if they had ever been here.... Fast forward to almost 3 years ago my new wonderful boyfriend had never even heard of Cape Breton until he met me....we made the decision to quit our jobs pack up all her belongs in a 53 foot trailer and move back home. Neither one of us had a job or a place to live but we both came with marketable skills! Within days of moving here Bob found an excellent job and I have not been without work since moving here! Last year we bought a fantastic log home in Big Bras d'Or and compared to the prices in Ontario, a steal, with 16 of the most beautiful acres you've ever seen. I think the best decision we ever made. and now we have friends from Ontario just bought a house here and are moving down next month because this is such a wonderful place to raise their new baby girl. They both come with skills, he is a mechanic and she a firefighter. I assured them they wouldn't have a problem finding a job with their skill level. So dreams do come true kids don't give up on them! And stay in school because you need a marketable skill Haha

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Great story. Thanks for sharing!
Shauna Winters My Post Follow Me
I'm loving this new "to me" site
Shauna Winters My Post Follow Me
Just a quick follow up on our success story! I have been hired full-time with Canada Post! I know a federal job that I love! I have a part-time job at a restaurant close to my house which I love! Also, we have been doing so much landscaping and making this place our own. I could spend hours in the woods with my dog spike. (He came with the house btw) I have made so many amazing eclectic friends here. Some are local and funny as they come and some are CFA "come from away".new to here and busting with stories of why they will never go back to their old life....One thing we all have in common is our love for this beautiful island and I have discovered so many beaches for my driftwood and rock collection. I encourage anyone who has a dream of living in peace with nature, stress-free and road rage free to come here and see for yourself. You'll never want to leave. An update on our friends that recently moved here. They are in the process of remodeling their four bedroom two bathroom farm house on 8 acres which they paid under 30,000 for. That's less than a new truck. Dreams do come true.
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Liv'n The Dream ...In Rural Cape Breton.... ..see how easy it is....
Anne Marie Wigle Follow Me
Great story. You need to listen to the song by Celtic Rant called Going to Leave Here. Check out their website and Youtube channel. You will relate to this one.
Shauna Winters My Post Follow Me
Thanks. I'll give it a listen.

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