Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes With Initials [VIDEO]

Tonja Blackie

The business idea for Bristles With Initials came to Tonya Blackie because her family often mixed up their toothbrushes.  She decided to buy toothbrushes with initials, but when she searched online, she could not find any.


During her research, Tonya also learned that garbage landfills are full of plastic toothbrushes that never break down.

“Every plastic toothbrush we’ve ever owned still exists in landfill somewhere,” said Tonya.  “People are becoming more aware that plastic in the environment is a big problem, and I think many common plastic items will be banned soon.”


Tonya looked for an alternative – a biodegradable toothbrush that could be produced in a sustainable manner.  She ordered non-plastic brushes from all over the world, and had her family test them. Eventually, she settled on a compostable bamboo brush made in China.  Bamboo regrows every year, so using bamboo is a sustainable practice.


“I get them produced in China because that’s where bamboo grows,” said Tonya.  They are made to our specifications and shipped to Cape Breton, where they are sold in local retail outlets.”

Because of their environmental mission, Bristles With Initials donates part of their profits to support cleanup of local beaches. 


Bristles With Initials toothbrushes can be found at Pharmasaves in Glace Bay, Sydney Mines, and Sydney Forks.

Learn more about Bristles With Initials and their social mission in the video below.

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