Elected official still refuses to provide answers.

The following letter to the editor, by Father Maroun, was published today in the Cape Breton Post. Charles Sampson continues to try and communicate with Mike Kelloway but is still being ignored. We will post the latest email from Charles to Mike Kelloway in the first comment below. There is a serious issue when our elected officials refuse to answer a simple question. Do you agree? Here is the letter: Elected official still refuses to provide answers. Dear Editor First, I would like to thank the public for encouraging me to continue to fight for Cape Breton. At 91 years old, sometimes I am tired of banging my head against the proverbial wall, especially when dealing with elected officials who tell you all kinds of promises before they are elected and once, they are, they ignore you 100%. One of our board members, Charles Sampson, is trying to speak to Mike Kelloway but Mr. Kelloway continues to ignore all correspondence from the NSEF and Charles Sampson. This is the same man who promised that if he was elected, he was going to get the Provincial and Federal governments to the table with the NSEF. Charles continues to send Mike Kelloway emails each week, but Mike just ignores them. We deserve better Mike Kelloway and you should keep your promises. You are now doing the same thing our two previous MP’s did….nothing but accept our tax dollars to be paid and a huge pension plan awaits you for ignoring the concerns of the public. Shame on you Mike! The NSEF is asking a straightforward question that the Federal government is refusing to answer. David Lametti (Attorney General and Minister of Justice for Canada) right down to Mike Kelloway, refuses to produce the legal justification for transferring the equalization transfer to Nova Scotia “unconditionally”. The constitution states what the purpose of equalization is (Section 36.2) and yet when the province does not use this transfer for the intended purpose, the short answer from MP’s and other government officials is “the province can do what they like with the transfer as it is transferred unconditionally”. Why will no one produce the legal justification for this practice. I will tell you why, it does not exist. Then the Federal Government tells us we must hold the provincial government accountable however, that is an impossible task as then the province responds that the equalization transfer is transferred unconditionally. The public must hold Mr. Kelloway, Mr. Battiste and our elected officials accountable for this. When we met with Rodger Cuzner a few years back he said to us “that no one in Ottawa is going to touch this issue”. Is that acceptable? Keeping us poor has become a windfall for this province and it is high time our elected officials provide the answers the public seeks. Our future depends upon it! The NSEF is now on Tik Tok along with all other social media platforms with our message and we will continue to challenge the government on the equalization issue. We thank the Cape Breton Post for allowing us to have a voice with the public. Mainstream media has done a great job of covering up the corruption we all live with each day, by remaining silent. Rev. Dr. Albert Maroun on behalf of the NSEF Board Members.

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The latest email to Mike Kelloway from Charles Sampson: Dear M.P. Mike Kelloway: For the umpteenth attempt and as my member of parliament, will you explain why you have not questioned your government’s washing of its hands of its constitutional responsibility for the yearly Equalization Payments to this province? As you know, this is a 100 percent a federal program in terms of its design and implementation and funded from federal taxes. As you are also aware, your government has shifted its constitutional responsibility to the citizens of our province but has made this accountability an impossibility. As you are also fully aware, your government continues to transfer these constitutionally enshrined dollars “unconditionally,” which, obviously and by design, prevents any accountability by the taxpayers of your province – something that should have got your attention on behalf of your constituents, but has not. Why are you remaining silent about your government’s intentional and illegal betrayal of Nova Scotians’ ability to demand their democratic accountability from their politicians involving the lack of transparency from government about government expenditure of the citizens’ tax dollars? It is time you stopped literally running away from your responsibility to represent your community’s constitutional entitlement. Mike, it is time to be sincere and honest to your community! Your Constituent, Charles W. Sampson
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Yep, make promises, get elected, keep a seat warm in parliament and wait for the pension. That my friends is the definition of a LOT of our Politicians. People like Mr. Sampson does as much or more than our elected does.

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